This Is How To Bring More Life Into Your Living Room Read Now

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And this article : This Is How To Bring More Life Into Your Living Room Read Now
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This Is How To Bring More Life Into Your Living Room Read Now

The worst kind of living rooms are the ones that are sterile and plain. Minimalism is a valid design choice, but there’s a strong difference between that and a boring, lifeless living room. If you look around your living room, do you see any life in it? Is there any vibrancy in it? If not, you might need to change things up a little. There are plenty of ways to bring a bit more excitement to your living room. Keep reading, and you’ll find out.


Sometimes all you need to liven things up is a little greenery. Houseplants are not as common as they used to be. While gardening is enjoying a boom, indoor plants are seeing a bust. Part of the reason why is because of how hard it is to take care of a plant indoors. They require constant watering due to a lack of rain. They need to be trimmed and pruned to prevent them from getting overgrown. They also need sufficient sunlight that they can’t get inside. Some people have been known to take their plants outside during the day, and bring them back in at night. That said, plants really can bring some more life to a living room. Try something small that will fit on a window sill. A bonsai tree for instance. Caring for them can be complicated, but it brings something to the room. It might be a great addition if you’re thinking of redesigning the room to fit Eastern design philosophy too.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature can be dictated by light. You know on those clear summer days where everything just looks bright and vibrant? The same goes for dusk and dawn when orange and purple hues colour the landscape. These are not done solely by colour, but by colour temperature too. E27 Screw cap bulbs are light bulbs you can get in different colour temperatures. It could be your living room is perfect as it is, it’s just the lighting that isn’t working for it. It’s worth getting a few bulbs of different colour temperature and trying them out. You may feel different about your living room after you’ve tested them.

Colour Palette

This is directly related to the colours in your living room. Namely the floor, and the walls. Muted colours don’t necessarily take the life out of a room. There’s a large difference between intentionally pale colours and colour that has faded over a decade or more, though. One is clean and evenly spread; the other has aged worse in some patches than others. What worked as a colour palette ten years ago might not work now simply because of the discolouration. It could be you just need a fresh coat of paint to bring some life back to the room.

New Furniture

The sofa from 1993 has no place in 2015. Your living room might look lifeless because of there not being any life left in its contents. It’s hard to define when furniture goes past its best. If it is still in good shape, people tend to keep it as long as they can. The problem is that times change, and so do design tastes. What you liked twenty years ago might not be what you like now. It could be you just need to refresh all the furniture in your living room. Try out a new sofa and chair suite and see how you feel. Just remember not to keep it much longer than a decade next time.


Bare walls are part of what makes a living room so sterile. Don’t think that just adding things to decorate the walls will make things more lively either. Doctors offices are usually covered wall to wall with health posters, and yet they still feel like the most sterile place in the world. It’s all about the atmosphere. Get some photos of friends and family to stick up. If you want you could get digital photos printed out on proper camera paper, and then you can create a collage to stick in a frame. You have to give the walls some personality. Add a clock or a painting if you have to. Just put something to break up the solid colour.

Personal Flavour

A living room is for living, why not stick something in there you’ll enjoy? You might be a big fan of pinball for instance. Add a pinball table into the corner and make it more of a recreation room than a living room. You could add a snooker table too if you wanted. The important part is that you show some of your personality in the room. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant like the previous two examples. You could be a collector of fine dining china. Get a glass cabinet and fill it with the finest pieces from your collection. If you’re an avid skateboarder, why not decorate the walls with old boards? Interior design is at its best when there’s a real taste of the designer in there.

Strip It Back

It could be that there’s too much going on in your living room for it to feel lively. It might just be cluttered to the point where it just looks like a mess. If there’s too much going on, start cutting back. If the walls have too many pictures, remove some and keep your favourites. If the shelves are full of ornaments, removal everything but the centrepiece. If there are too many chairs, get rid of the excess. Just allow the room to have a focus instead of piling more and more ideas and design features onto it.

If In Doubt Renovate

If none of the other ideas are working, it might be a good idea to start from scratch. Working with a blank canvas just might be what you need. No burden of having to include certain elements of the old living room you liked. Just free reign to do what suits you, and what you like. Sometimes you need to go back to simple beginnings.

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