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I want to introduce the Alykhan Velji Design team! With the business expanding I have had to hire on more staff and thought to introduce these fabulous ladies to you! As part of this team, they will be doing posts on their fave finds so stay tuned.

1. Sam Pinksen (Senior Designer)

Samantha Pinksen joined Alykhan Velji Designs in 2011. Her flare for all things DIY, natural eye for design and gift for creating perfect technical drawings made her a perfect fit for AVD. A small town Newfoundland girl (like 75 people small), she completed her Interior Design education at the International Academy of Design in Toronto and travelled extensively, developing her eclectic international style . Before joining the team, Sam worked extensively in commercial construction and working with freelance clients. Next time you see her, ask if she has any homemade peanut butter cups for you.

2. Helen Del Bucchia (Junior Designer)

Elena (Helen) Del Bucchia joined Alykhan Velji Designs in 2011 as a Junior Designer. After working in Calgary's bustling oil & gas industry for seven years, Helen decided it was time to stop suppressing her passion for interior design and enrolled in the Residential Decorating program at Mount Royal University, successfully completing it in 10 months.
Helen credits her upbringing in Russia, the US and later Canada for her unique style and love for colour. From a young age she was organizing, decorating, and designing the spaces around her. 

If Helen is not decorating, coordinating or crunching numbers, she can be found travelling the globe with her husband or speed walking from one end of Calgary to another, stopping at every furniture and accessory store along the way.

Photos by: Bookstrucker Photography 

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