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I was on Breakfast Television Calgary this morning. Talking with Jill Belland all about DIY holiday decor. Shooting at the Brookfield Homes, Mosaic Cranston location (homes that I added to some festive flair to) was the perfect backdrop to talk all things DIY!

Here is a run down of a few of my faves that we chatted up today. Also, each one is under $5:

1. Button Ornaments

As easy as getting some wire, threading some buttons on, tying the 2 ends together and attaching a ribbon, to finish off the look. I did one with buttons purchased at Michael's, a dramatic black and gold. The other is with vintage buttons purchased at a garage sale, something fun and whimsical.

2. Ribbon Vases

Everyone has clear vases sitting in a cabinet collecting dust. This year, bring them out and add a fab splash of colour buy using ribbon. I chose to do a peacock inspired palette with the lime green and teal. This would work with additions of both silver and gold!

3. Tin Lanterns

An eco friendly option that can be used indoors or out. Simply take tin soup cans, peel off the labels and give them a good clean. Draw on festive patterns... trees, holly, or snowflakes. Take an awl (a term that I just learned today while on the show) and punch out these patterns. When complete, spray them white and stick a votive inside. A grouping on a table or placed outside to guide your guests into your home would be the perfect holiday touch!

4. Organic Votives

Using simple clear glass votives or vases, I hot glued large cinnamon sticks around the sides of each one. This really creates and organic statement piece and will cast fabulous shadows. A simply DIY project that doesn't take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Happy Holidays!

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