ARTICLE Being Mindful & Accepting Chronic Pain READ NOW

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This is about : ARTICLE Being Mindful & Accepting Chronic Pain READ NOW
And this article : ARTICLE Being Mindful & Accepting Chronic Pain READ NOW
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ARTICLE Being Mindful & Accepting Chronic Pain READ NOW

As time goes by, as I try to think more and more about what is important and what is irrelevant, I find things that I do each day that are really unnecessary. 

It is with this in mind that I've decided to stop my weekly newsletter. I decided it was really, when it boiled down to it, just fluff. And extra emails in your inbox. You don't need that.

In scaling down the "must do's" and the "don't need's", what I'm trying to apply to my life is quality over quantity. 

Less is oftentimes more. 
I am at the point in life when I know I have more years behind me than before me. And that realization makes me want to enjoy my life and let the rest go to the wayside. 

I've been back in the boot for two months now with no end to the pain. This has not happened before, and I guess I'll just do whatever it is I have to do. For I don't really have a choice.

When you deal with chronic pain, you are forced to be mindful of every step you take in your day. 

Though I strive to live in the moment, in reality I have to figure out what chores or errands I need to do and how much energy I will have to conserve in order to do them. So planning ahead is necessary.

Yesterday I saw an opthamologist. The diagnosis was what I expected and what happens to so many of us as we age: a floater in my right eye. I'm learning to adapt to gray squiggles that randomly float across my eye.

I'm not saying my pain is different from anyone else's pain. There is always someone in more pain. 

I find that I am more irritable, and I don't want to be. I tell myself to just finish the dishes and ignore the pain until I can get off my feet and raise my leg.

I am trying to be frugal in my ways, but maybe that also should apply to being frugal with my time. In terms of what I need and want to do, versus what I think I should do

Being frugal means not being wasteful. The most precious thing you don't want to waste are the minutes and hours and days of your life.

You don't get a "do over."

It is in this vein of thinking that I have been pondering a lot of things. I have blogged non-stop pretty much every day for years now. It is part of my daily routine. 

But maybe I don't need to post everyday. Maybe I have to begin to fight those compulsions that I have mindlessly taken on. 

If you agree with this idea, let me know in the comments. Is less really more to you? 

Do you want to see my name in your inbox every day, or would you rather I just save my energy for when I have something to say that you feel is more meaningful to you and your life?

And what do you find most meaningful in your life right now? What kinds of posts do you truly want to see, and what posts do you really not care about anymore?

Sometimes change is good.

I'm thinking about turning off comments. Would this bother you?

After all, I don't need a response to everything I write. And perhaps you don't necessarily want to think up a thoughtful comment just to say you did so. Just because you think it is expected of you.

I don't want you to come here to do what is expected of you. I want you to come here because you like what I have to say and you like what I show you and that is it. No strings attached in any way.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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