ARTICLE Flea Market Repurposed Hacks READ NOW

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This is about : ARTICLE Flea Market Repurposed Hacks READ NOW
And this article : ARTICLE Flea Market Repurposed Hacks READ NOW
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ARTICLE Flea Market Repurposed Hacks READ NOW

I'm always seeing something and saying to myself: Why on earth didn't I think of that? Well, even though I didn't, luckily for all of us someone else did!

Just take a gander...

I've thought of making a table out of suitcases. But I only have two. And one slants down instead of being level. So that won't work. But this would! And I'd only need the one suitcase I already have.

The industrial-style look is a hot commodity right now. Doubt I'd know how to make this. But those of you with handy husbands might!

Sedums and succulents are also in vogue. And so is the galvanized look. I'd love to find some more galvanized tubs for the patio.

Got an old globe you no longer want? Take the globe out and use it for a paper towel holder.
I could probably handle this one. A metal cow and a board you add a sign to. Adorable!
This is so cute for spring. A muffin tin and some spring-related objects glued inside. Hang it up and create a spring vignette underneath.


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On a personal note, I just got back from seeing my ankle surgeon. I overdid it on the kitchen, of course, and had pain all the way up into my hip. I wish my physical abilities equaled my energy level.

He put me in yet another boot and they put pads in where certain areas of my foot are really sore so I won't put more pressure on those places.

They said my insurance might not pay for the boot because I've had more than one in five years. You get one in five years. Now I ask you, if you've ever been in a boot for any length of time, you know that they don't last long. 

If I could come up with a boot that would last five years, I could patent it and be rich.

Anyway, I was able to get groceries afterward. The cupboard was just about bare. Abi and Charlie were extra upset with me because I hadn't left them since they were at the vet last Wednesday. Little stinkers. 

It's a beautiful and very warm day here. Spring has sprung.

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