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And this article : ARTICLE Frugal Goals READ NOW
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I'm always looking for ways to save money. Frugal tips for simple living, etc. 

I don't think I can get my utilities lowered more. I have worked on that this past year. 

My Cox cable bill, a bundled package of home phone, unlimited US long distance, internet service, basic cable, and Cox Tech Support, which has been invaluable, costs me around $150 a month with taxes included. 

The biggest expense with Cox is the internet. Which of course I must have. Thankfully it is a tax deduction. 

My cell phone, which is rarely used, is $12 dollars a month (including taxes), and I paid $35 for the phone. I got this through a program at AARP and it's called Consumer Cellular.

I know bloggers are all over Instagram now. But I just can't see paying to have the kind of phone that would enable me to use it. And really, social media takes up enough time as is. I really don't want to add to it.

I've tried to get my car insurance reduced, but there doesn't seem to be any feasible way in which to do it. Oklahomans pay the highest car insurance in the country for some strange reason.  

I have much of what I need, aside from perishables, delivered to my door. Which saves my ankle, gasoline and having to carry it from the car to the apartment. I almost always get free shipping. 

Of course there are the occasional vet bills and shots. I try diligently to make sure this is done because I love my pupsters!

I've been extremely lucky with my 10 year old Nissan Pathfinder. I have not had to have anything done to it besides having the oil changed and the tires rotated. I did add two new tires when I first moved to Tulsa. A year ago I added two more tires. 

My apartment is all electric. My last bill was $85, and I have it averaged out over the year. I'm very good at turning off lights and watching my electric consumption.

I won't have to buy much come spring for my patio, as I got a lot of that taken care of the first two summers I've lived here. 

I don't buy magazines as I once did. I will often buy one special publication at the beginning of each season. Which is why I love Pinterest.

Blog Costs:

As my blogging platform is Google's Blogger (Blogspot), I have little to pay for. I think I have to pay Google $20 a year for extra space because I post most every day and I use lots of photos. 

I pay for Picmonkey, because I use it all the time, which is about $20 a year I think. 

I pay for Mad Mimi, which is currently $26 a month, to be sure my readers get their posts delivered. My readers are very important to me, so I want them taken care of. This is my biggest blog expense, as it is monthly.

I pay Inlinkz to supply link ups for my Tweak It Tuesday party, which is about $25 a year.

So my blog costs me less than $400 per year to run. Not bad. Plus it brings in money, so that is a very small investment. 

My 5 Goals For 2016: 

1. I try to keep my running around within a 5 mile parameter. Food shopping, hair cuts, pharmacy. This keeps gasoline consumption down. And doesn't put more mileage on my car, which has about 41,000 something miles on it.

2. I want to find more veggie-related frozen foods that are cheap and fast to fix. And use my crock pot more and freeze the leftovers. This feeds me for quite awhile.

3. Do a thorough examination of windows, doors, etc., in my apartment to see if there are places I am losing air/heat through them. Then find a way to fix them if possible. (Which is one reason I invested $335 to have the threshold of my door fixed. No more leaking air in and out.) 

4. Pay off the one credit bill I've had to use. Then pay off anything I charge each month to avoid interest being added.

5. Try to avoid take out food and eat at home.  

How about you? Do you have frugal goals for 2016?

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