ARTICLE New Desk & Lamps Via Wayfair READ NOW

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This is about : ARTICLE New Desk & Lamps Via Wayfair READ NOW
And this article : ARTICLE New Desk & Lamps Via Wayfair READ NOW
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ARTICLE New Desk & Lamps Via Wayfair READ NOW

I am so grateful to be a part of Wayfair Homemakers Program. First of all, I've always considered myself a "homemaker", even when it wasn't such a popular term. 

I've always felt that keeping the home fires burning and raising children was perhaps the most important career of all. Even when others didn't think of this as a vocation. 

I love everything about home and garden. Tending to chores. Organizing. Creating gardens. I think I was just born to be a homemaker! Making quilts and decorating.

With Wayfair, each month I get to choose two items from their list for myself, gifted from them to me as part of their program. 

Last week I received my choices for March:

I absolutely love these red lamps by Safavieh. They sold them in pairs. So this counted as one choice. 

They are quite tall. I thought they might look nice with my red and white buffalo checked curtains from Primitive Star Quilt Shop as a backdrop.

I also chose this white desk with three drawers that you can't really get a good look at in this photo. 

It took Israel forever Friday to figure this one out. It was nearly dark while he was working on it, and so I ordered us a pizza. 

I thought it looked like an easy piece to put together just looking at it online. Boy, was I wrong!

He ended up making about $20 an hour on this little project. Because it took a good five hours!

I think he wants nothing to do with drawers for awhile!

Of course this meant furniture had to be moved around to accommodate new things coming in. 

My coffee bar came back out of the kitchen to it's old place.

And this table I brought with me from Texas, which I was using as a computer desk, ended up here in the living room.

Charlie Ross seems to be saying: "Enough with moving things already!" 

He won't be too happy with me this afternoon because he and his sister are going to the vet for their yearly shots.

I received free product from Wayfair. But all opinions are 100% my own.

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