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This is about : INFORMATION Bedroom Accessories READ NOW
And this article : INFORMATION Bedroom Accessories READ NOW
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INFORMATION Bedroom Accessories READ NOW

Any interior space is primarily composed of walls, floor and ceiling. These elements give a habitable character to the interior space.Apart from providing protection from natural elements such as rain, snow, wind and other natural calamities, an interior space is also responsible for creating moods, depending upon the theme of the decoration.

Depending upon the functional purpose of the interior space, the quality and quantity of the furniture and other elements may change. For example a "meditation center" might not require any furniture at all, but a gymnasium on the other hand requires specially designed equipment.For the sake of this article we are only going to concentrate on bedrooms.

A bedroom is a space, which is close to our heart. This is the space where we take rest and regain the vital energy force for the next day's work. A typical bedroom consists of a double/single bed depending upon the size and occupancy of the room, wardrobe, study table, chairs for informal gathering, dressing table, side tables adjacent to the bed for keeping items such as telephone, watch, etc..Since a bulk of volume gets occupied with the furniture pieces, the beauty of a bedroom greatly depends upon the quality of the furniture.

But that's not all. Any interior space can be greatly enhanced using "accessories" and some great amount of detailing can be added to an existing bedroom with furniture.These are called as "valances" are a very good means to decorate the windows and other openings. These decorative curtains have 2 purposes. a) They define a window opening b) They diffuse the incoming sunlight and help the dispersion of light evenly. Valances can be easily be prepared at home with some basic knowledge of stitching.

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