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KITCHEN DESIGN IDEASAre you thinking of redecorating your kitchen for the new year? Listed below are some great kitchen decorating ideas you can use for 2010 to bring life to the room you spend the most time in:

Use bright bold colors - Kitchens are the one place where you can use bright reds, greens, yellows, and blues and get away with it. If you try to use those colors for a dining or living area, they probably will not look good at all. But if you want your kitchen to stand out and make a bold statement, using bright colors is the way to do it. You can't do this in every kitchen but if yours is one that already has a whimsical look, adding colors can be a great idea.

The clean and neat kitchen - Some kitchens are a mess, with the refrigerator full of magnets, things hung all over the walls, and the counter tops packed with utensils. This kind of a hectic kitchen is not for everyone and you might prefer one that has more elegance and style. If you want a kitchen that you can bring anyone to and not be embarrassed, the clean and neat kitchen is for you. Minimal things on the walls, the counter tops should be clean, and everything should be put away in it's proper spot: which is in a cupboard!

Old style vintage kitchen - Do you remember hanging out in your Grandmother's kitchen. Those were the good old days when a kitchen had character and it didn't have all sorts of high tech gadgets. If you want your own vintage kitchen, think about doing away with all the things that look modern and replacing them with old school ones instead. For instance, you could add something like a mortar and pestle set. Simplicity should be the theme for this kind of kitchen.

Kitchen for chefs - If you like the clean white look of the kind of restaurant kitchen you see in the movies, you can try to model yours accordingly. This kind of kitchen accentuates the basics and when you walk in, it is clear this kitchen is for cooking! Usually there is a lot of stainless steel used for the cabinets, sinks, andstove tops and this is one of the more unique kitchen design ideas

Restaurant style kitchen - At some restaurants, you can get aglimpse of part of even all of the kitchen. This is because it is stylishly decorated and it serves as part of the atmosphere of the restaurant. If you have an open kitchen that blends in with your dining room or eating area, you can try to duplicate this look. Think more about what things look like than how well they work because style is the most important aspect of this kitchen.

The casual kitchen - This is the kitchen that is the favorite room in the house where everyone ends up spending a lot of time. Comfort is the key here as all the chairs and stools must be a pleasure to sit on. The kitchen colors must be soft on the eyes and you need to have it big enough for people to congregate. This type of kitchen is designed as the gathering spot both for guests when you have parties and for everyday use.

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