This Is A Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Home From Thieves Read Now

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This is about : This Is A Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Home From Thieves Read Now
And this article : This Is A Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Home From Thieves Read Now
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This Is A Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Home From Thieves Read Now

Burglary is something none of us like to think about. Sadly, thefts do happen, and it’s always a good idea to take steps to deter thieves. Even the most conscientious homeowners may be vitamins of burglary. Sometimes, it’s impossible to prevent robberies. However, if you have deterrents in place, there is a much lower risk of thieves targeting your home.

Have you bought a new home recently? Are you interested in bulking up security measures? If so, here are some suggestions you may wish to consider.

Security measures and burglar deterrents

There are various measures you can take to try and prevent burglars from paying your home a visit. Examples include:

Visible burglar alarms

If you have an alarm, this makes your property tougher to target in the eyes of a thief. Install a visible alarm on the side or front of your house. Use a pin code to activate and deactivate the alarm. Make sure you keep the code to yourself and don’t go for anything obvious, such as 1,2,3,4.

Outdoor lighting

Security lighting can foil plans to break into houses in the dead of night. Lights respond to movement and will illuminate your drive if somebody is in close proximity.

Secure gates

If you have a gated property, this presents a tougher challenge to thieves than breaking through a front door or a ground floor window. For extra security, you could fit electric gates, which only open with specially designed key fobs or touch pads.

Smart systems

Home security has advanced rapidly in the last few years, and smart systems are the latest in anti-theft technology. With this innovative system, you can keep track of your security measures from your smartphone. You can set alarms and be on your guard, regardless of whether you’re at home or out and about. The system is linked to your phone, and you will receive updates if the alarm is triggered. You can select which kinds of notifications to receive, including emails and text messages. If the alarm is activated, the system will also send you an image, so that you can see the cause. If the dog has wandered outside, for example, this image will give you peace of mind. If you’re interested in smart security systems, see what companies like Smart72 have to offer.


CCTV cameras are a major deterrent for robbers on the prowl. Not only do the cameras put burglars off, but they also provide evidence if you do get targeted. The cameras capture footage of the incident. This increases the chances of police successfully arresting the offenders. They can then be punished, and hopefully, it will prevent them from robbing others in the future.


Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book are the best. Dogs are notoriously effective burglar deterrents. Large, aggressive looking breeds can scare thieves off. But even the smallest, sweetest looking animals can play their part. Most dogs bark when they hear people walking past or coming into the house, and this can provide a very handy burglar alarm. Placing a ‘beware of the dog’ sign can also help to make your home more intimidating to burglars.

Simple deterrents around the house

If you’re going out for the day, try and make it look like somebody is at home. Leave a hall light on and put the radio on. Thieves are much more likely to try and tackle an empty home.

Security tips if you’re going away

If you’re heading off on holiday, or you’re taking an extended break, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of burglaries.

Piles of letters and flyers falling out of the post box are a surefire sign that you’re not around, and you may not be back for some time. Before you go, contact the mail service and ask them to hold your post until you get back. Alternatively, if you have a good relationship with your neighbours, you could ask them to collect your mail every couple of days and keep it safe. Always remember to cancel newspapers and milk deliveries before you jet off on holiday. You could also ask one of your neighbours to park their car in your drive while you are away. Use timers to switch lights on and off periodically to make it look like you are at home.

It’s also worth getting in touch with local neighbourhood watch schemes. These networks are particularly beneficial if you travel with work, or you go on holiday on a regular basis.

Making it difficult to access your property

Most thieves access properties through the windows and doors. Make sure all windows and doors are locked when you are out, and while you are sleeping. Ensure that you have strong, robust doors, which are in good condition. If your front door is damaged, replace it or place a metal bar across the centre to make it more resilient. Keep window and door keys in a safe place.

Never leave your car keys or any other sets of keys by the front door. Some thieves use hooked instruments, such as coat hangers, to grab keys through the letterbox. They can then make off with the car without setting off any alarms or raising questions from neighbours. Keep your house and car keys with you in your bedroom during the night. If you are considering replacing your front door in the near future, go for a door, which doesn’t have a built-in letterbox.

Be wise to distraction techniques and scams

Unfortunately, distraction thefts are becoming more common in some parts. There are various techniques, which may be used, but the goal is always the same. One person distracts the homeowner, while another ransacks the property. Be careful who you answer the door to. Always check identity badges, and don’t let anyone who doesn’t have the relevant ID into your home. If you’re worried about people calling by, or you’ve had suspicious visitors, contact your local police force. Inform neighbours, so they can keep a lookout too.

Do not use any phone numbers that callers claiming to be from gas, electricity or water companies leave without checking them first. You can use the Internet to verify contact details of the providers you use. All members of staff should also have valid identity badges. If you’re not sure if somebody is trying to trick you, close the door and check the details. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If it was a genuine call, you can contact the provider and organise another visit.

Protecting valuables

If you have valuables on show, this is only going to encourage opportunistic thieves. Close your curtains in the evenings. Avoid putting televisions or games consoles next to front windows. Make sure any valuable outdoor items, such as bikes, are hidden away or secured with locks. Put outdoor toys in the shed or garage. Don’t leave anything valuable on show in the car. Take laptops, sat nav systems, wallets and phones into the house with you. If you have a garage, make use of it. Cars are much easier to steal from a drive, than a locked garage.

Keep sentimental possessions and expensive items, such as jewellery, in a safe place. If you have cash, don’t leave it in an obvious location. Mark anything valuable with a spot of UV pen. If you do get robbed, this will enable police to track the items and increase the chances of recovering them.

Your home should be a peaceful haven where you feel safe and comfortable. None of us should have to worry about burglary, but sadly, it’s something that we have to think about. The reality is that there are people out there who are on the lookout for valuable items. It’s always a good idea to take steps to protect your home. You don't have to go crazy and start investing in Fort Knox style security, but a few simple steps could make the difference.

Use your common sense, and take advantage of modern security systems. Always ensure that your windows and doors are locked and don’t let anybody you don’t know into your home. Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your house if you’re going away on holiday, and cancel milk and paper deliveries. Contact your local mail office and make arrangements for your post while you’re away.

Fit visible deterrents to your home, such as security lights and burglar alarms. Leave a light on when you go out and close your curtains at night. Ensure all valuable possessions are stored in a safe place, which is hard to identify and access. With the right security measures, you can enjoy peace of mind and act quickly if there is a burglary attempt on your home. If you have concerns about your safety, or you wish to find out more about effective deterrents, contact your local police force.

If you’re moving house, or you’re keen to improve your security at home, take these considerations into mind. Hopefully, you’ll be safe and sound in the comfort of your home for years to come.

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