This Is Your Contract Furniture Style Options Read Now

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And this article : This Is Your Contract Furniture Style Options Read Now
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This Is Your Contract Furniture Style Options Read Now

Contract furniture can be used in any commercial or retail premises, in order to offer somewhere comfortable and convenient for clients and visitors. Some venues, such as restaurants and cafes have a very obvious need for comfortable furniture, but even venues like hotel lobbies, receptions, and other communal areas, need to provide this same comfort and convenience to their visitors. The quality of the furniture will, ultimately, help determine how popular a business venue is, and if visitors enjoy a comfortable and relaxed experience then they will share this with others, so you can ensure a steady stream of clients and customers for your business.


Banquette style seating has become one of the most popular forms of restaurant and café seating. It is extremely convenient, enables you to make the most of every bit of space that you have, and it even offers other benefits such as less damage to flooring. While individual chairs scrape the floor when moved, and may end up too close to other visitors or blocking off natural pathways between tables, this isn’t possible with the fixed banquette bench style seating that is also available.


Banquette seating is still highly customisable, too, which means that you can create a style that suits you, your premises, your business, and your clients. One of the first areas to consider is the style of back that you want. If you have limited space within your premises, or you want to be able to ensure that staff can easily see diners and guests, then short or standard backs may be your best option, while bars and self-service establishments can offer further privacy with tall backs.

Cushions And Upholstery

The seat of banquette seating is also customisable. Plain, panelled, or buttoned seats are available, and you can mirror the style and design on the upholstered backs. Panelled designs are becoming increasingly popular, and you can choose from a range of existing geometric designs, or create your own design using different sizes and shapes of panels. Show your business’ individuality and your flair for design in this way.

Size And Dimensions

Obviously, you will need to choose the size and dimensions of the seating that you choose. Measure your premises accurately, allow room for people to get by, and don’t forget that your diners or guests will need to be able to get in and out, and make their way to the toilet or even the bar. Your staff will also need to be able to get around without having to climb over guests and scramble over the chairs. Consider how many people you want in each booth and make sure that there will be suitable space for this number of people.

Colour And Style

As well as being able to choose from a wide variety of styles and designs, you can also choose from a varied selection of colours. Incorporate your corporate branding, use colours that encourage certain moods or a specific ambience, or opt for a colour that best fits the design of the décor in your premises.

For high quality, comfortable, and customisable banquette seating and other styles of contract furniture for your commercial premises, Atlas Contract Furniture provide high quality goods at affordable prices.

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