ARTICLE The Benefits Of Living Small READ NOW

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This is about : ARTICLE The Benefits Of Living Small READ NOW
And this article : ARTICLE The Benefits Of Living Small READ NOW
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ARTICLE The Benefits Of Living Small READ NOW

I am trying to embrace a simple living lifestyle in every way. To be healthier, less stressed.

I look back to when I was growing up. We had a huge garden. It provided us with our vegetables and fruit. There was canning to be done in the summer, so that there would be nutritious food in the cellar for the winter months.    

And it didn't taste like anything you buy in a can.         

We did not have a plethora of electronic devices. Some of us had TVs and radios. But the rest of the time, we were "unhooked" and just lived our lives. We were more aware of our surroundings and less focused inwardly on ourselves.

Today you rarely see anyone out and about who doesn't have a cell phone, and they are either talking or texting. 

I am on the computer a lot at home. But I don't have a smart phone and I don't want one. 

Why? Well, first I can't afford it. But the main reason is that when I go out, I want to experience the sights and sounds around me. 

Why go out at all if you're going to be focused on something other than your surroundings?

How are you going to see that bird carrying straw to build its nest if your eyes are on that small screen? Just think what some of you are missing!

What can you do that will enrich your life rather than focusing on electronic media all your waking hours?

1. Take a walk. Absorb what you see and take in your surroundings. This clears your mind, relaxes you and makes you physically & mentally healthier.

2. Read a book. Let yourself get involved with the characters. This takes you outside yourself and away from your own problems.

3. Sit outside and watch nature. It is a miraculous and beautiful thing. 

Here are the reasons I love to live small:

1. Utility bills are less

2. I don't have as much to clean

3. It's forced me to purge things I don't need, so less to worry about

4. Forces me to live with what I truly love most instead of just a lot of possessions.

5. I know I am taking up a smaller carbon footprint

For someone with a permanent injury that inhibits walking, I don't have to walk as far to get to my five rooms: living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. 

Living simply is not just a lifestyle, it is good for your mental health as well. 

Simple living is the absence of excess. 

Less square footage = less possessions = less bills = less worry overall.

Think of it like this:

  • Eliminating excess possessions leads to a less cluttered home.
  • Eliminating outside obligations leads to a calmer schedule.
  • Eliminating poor eating habits leads to healthier living.
  • Eliminating mindless spending leads to escaping debt.
When you ask yourself why something is important to you, you’ll become more aware of why you make certain choices. That greater sense of awareness will give you a guide to measure all of your future decisions.

Soon this will become second nature. Simple living will lead to a life that is slower, more intentional, and thus more healthy.

So rather than think of it as things you are giving up, think of it as things you are gaining instead. 

In case you hadn't had a chance to notice, it is springtime. Get outside and enjoy it.

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